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US Bob Moog Foundation celebrates 10th anniversary with Historical Moog Catalog Timeline      24/08/16

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In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Bob Moog Foundation has released an interactive, historical timeline tracing nearly four decades of Moog-related catalogs. They tell us that the timeline is the most comprehensive collection of Moog catalogs available to the public, and a significant milestone in the Foundation's ongoing mission to preserve and share the vast materials contained within the Bob Moog Foundation Archives. 

The timeline spans nearly five decades (1954-2001), and features more than 70 catalogs and related items from R.A. Moog, Co., Moog Music, Inc. (Buffalo), and Big Briar, Inc. The linear presentation allows the viewer to easily trace the evolution of the products, as well as offering numerous insights into the companies and their evolution, as reflected through their product publications.

Featured products range from Bob Moog's earliest theremins, theremin parts, and theremin kits to every model of the Moog modular synthesizers, to the advent of the Minimoog, through the introduction of the Moogerfooger line of effect pedals in the late '90s, and the release of the Voyager synthesizer.

Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa, told us, "Product catalogs are rich in historical information, for the casual fan as well as the serious researcher, and by sharing these archives, the Foundation can help to provide a greater understanding about the history of the Moog product line, and the evolution of the company itself. We are proud to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Foundation through a wide range of historical offerings, and this timeline is among the most in-depth and substantive."

In conjunction with the timeline, the Foundation is releasing a historical R.A. Moog t-shirt bearing the original 1954 logo and tag line from the earliest iteration of the Moog companies. The tag line reads "Devoted to the Development and Manufacture of Electronic Instruments for Musicians".  More details are available on the Foundation's online store.

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