OB-6 Live Jam

Hear filter sweeps, X-Mod and VCO2/LFO mode      18/08/16

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Earmonkey Music has posted a YouTube video of a live jam using the new DSi OB-6, which we thought some of you may enjoy. Here's what Earmonkey Music has to say...

I got my OB6 yesterday. I've never had an analog synth of this caliber and quite frankly I now feel like I've been missing out my whole life. I chose the OB6 over the Prophet 6 mainly because of the filter. The OB6's variable state filter and oscillators allow for some incredible modulation. Here is what is going on :

This video is 100% OB6 doing synth stuff, with a backing drum loop from the Yamaha Montage. I recorded into Ableton with a little compression and some basic EQ. There are no other FX used at all until I get to the part where I add some distortion from the OB6 FX generator. The stereo spread you hear is not chorus. It is the Pan Spread and Unison Detuning parameters of the synth acting in conjunction to give a huge stereo image. It's just the oscillators!

Also, an incredible thing to me is that this was all done with ONE VCO with some Sub Octave. VCO 1 is doing all the sound, while VCO 2 is in LFO Mode. I use that in the X-Mod section to modulate the Filter Freq and Filter Mode settings. The result is an incredibly huge audio experience where each of VCO2's 6 voices is independently modulating each of VCO1's 6 voices which are in Unison. In other words, HUGE HUGE SOUND!!! This is seriously blowing me away and it's only after about 1 hour with the machine. I can't wait to dig into it to see what it can do.

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