Complete Guide To DJ Basics shows you how to do it with turntables and a mixer      18/08/16

Complete Guide To DJ Basics

Buying Choices have announced a 14-tutorial video course, The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with Turntables and a Mixer, in which pro DJ Shortee teaches the essential basics you need to know to begin DJing with two turntables and a DJ mixer such as how to handle the record, where to place the hand on the record, and the best way to forward and rewind the record. They say that students will learn how to read the grooves on the record and various ways to cue up songs using both traditional vinyl and control vinyl, for use with DJ software such as Serato and TRAKTOR.

"Listening is crucial,"
says Shortee. "And in this course, I am teaching three different ways to listen to the music in your headphones, how to identify the beat, and how to tune your ears to be able to isolate the drum sounds within your music. There are various ways of counting the beats per minute (bpm) of your music and when you take this course, you'll understand why it's so important to know the tempos of all your songs." The tutorials also cover essential basics such as music theory; note values; how to count beats, bars, and phrases in 4/4 time; and how to identify the "one."

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In The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with Turntables and a Mixer, Shortee teaches the two most important scratches for DJing on turntables, the baby scratch and the release scratch, how to combine them with each other as well as with the crossfader, and how to perform a basic transition between two songs with the same bpm, using the crossfader to blend them together.

The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with Turntables and a Mixer is an excellent course for beginners without any DJ experience as well as intermediate or advanced DJs who are transitioning from another gear setup and learning how to DJ on turntables for the first time. Every lesson is taught in a clear and concise way that is easy for anyone to understand.

14 Tutorials (1hr 18min 15sec)

About DJ Shortee
With over twenty years of professional experience as a multi-genre DJ, turntablist, music producer, author, and DJ instructor, DJ Shortee brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the classroom. She has taught for the Grammy Foundation, Dubspot, Scratch DJ Academy, Serato, Rane, Turntable U, SAE Institute, and more. Her name has become synonymous with the world of DJ instructional products, and she is respected worldwide for her talent as both an accomplished performer and a gifted teacher.

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