Behringer DeepMind 12 First Look

US Amazona gets the scoop - with early prototype - name changed      30/07/16

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Peter Grandl at  had a visit to the the MIDAS HQ - not sure when, as the now named DeepMind12 (12 voice analog poly) was then called Phat 12. In this video Peter talks to two of the design team - Pete and Rob,  about the features and background to the project. The original concept was based around the Juno 106, but quickly evolved into something way more featured.

More details can be found in the video, including the fact that CV/Gate control is available via a dedicated pedal input - CV can be used as a mod source, or note value, Gate to drive the sequencer/arpeggiator. But still no pricing - they do say they want to make it affordable, but also noticeable is that they don't mention the on board Wifi for app control and RTP MIDI (unconfirmed) l. This must have been shot some time back, and that more features have been added since then.

We will have a full review coming soon.

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