Behringer Synth Vol.3 - It's A Poly!

US Third teaser reveals multiple voices, two oscillators      19/07/16

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Behringer gave us the tip off that their Vol. 3 video is now online, it's the third in the Behringer analog synth teaser series. Big News - we have polyphony - we kind of suspected it, as this was mentioned in previous discussions with boyhood synth dreamer Uli Behringer,  but in the first two videos we only heard mono voices - so we it wasn't certain. In this episode, massive Attack producer Neil Davidge gets wistful, Divkid - on PWM  and something called Tone Mod - and two oscillators, Robbie Bronnimann - thinks it sounds unique, and the Vile Electrodes don't want to go home yet.

Oh Behringer, you are a tease - but I guess the clue is in the name right?

In the video we can see voice indicator lights of at least four voices, We suspect there will be more - it would make sense as korg already have four voices covered with the Minilogue.

Surely can't be long now till we get the full skinny...


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