Moogfest MiniMoog Model Ds Ship

Owners submit reviews of the instruments built at this year's show      18/07/16

Moogfest MiniMoog Model Ds Ship

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MiniMoog Model D instruments that were built on a pop-up production line during Moogfest 2016 are now shipping to their new owners.

One owner who wished to remain anonymous wrote, "I'm a big Sonic State fan, and thought you might be interested to know that MiniMoog Model D instruments that were built during Moogfest 2016 are finally shipping this week to their anxious (but patient) owners. Mine arrived on Friday (15 July) and I haven't been able to keep my hands off it since then.

It wasn't publicized, but all of us intrepid souls who were lucky enough to plunk down our hard earned cash at Moogfest for one of these beauties were informed from the start that we wouldn't be able to take our babies home from the maternity ward during the festival. Instead, they would bring them back to the Moog factory for calibration and QC in more "controlled" environment then shipped to us when ready. We were promised the first week in June, but that extended out mid-July due to unspecified "additional testing" they were conducting.

Whatever the delay, it all seems to be sorted now and they did make good on their promise to get them in our hands ahead of next week's official product launch of the Minimoog Model D production run to be announced on Tuesday, 19 July.

The most visible change is the new modulation sources/switches in the Controllers section. The dedicated LFO they snuck into the left hand controller has a neat trick up it's sleeve: It lets you choose between a triangle and square wave via a switch in the shaft that's actuated by pulling up on the knob (think coil tap on some guitars). Another surprise was the inclusion of the Filter EG as a modulation source (via panel switches unobtrusively added to the Controllers section). Freaking brilliant."

Meanwhile Andrew Tarpinian posted a quick demo of the new Model D (#10) that he bought at Moogfest.

Minimoog Model D Pilot 2016 Raw Demo from Modular Grey on Vimeo.

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