Action For Electribe Updates

Users start a petition to get an OS update for the new generation of Korg Electribes      18/07/16

Action For Electribe Updates

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Several Sonic State readers have been in touch to tell us that, some years after Korg introduced the new generation of Electribe synth/sampling grooveboxes, some users feel they are left out in the cold with the lack of OS updates and that Korg Forums users have started a petition, which is posted at

Here's what one reader said...

"I would like to notify you that after a joint effort of compiling a list of realistic requests for bug fixes and improvements for the Electribe family of grooveboxes from KORG we are online with a petition similar to the one for the Tempest box from DSI. We are now looking for some media attention that would help bring the focus towards this great but unfinished product that has been neglected for more than 9 months now without any prospect for improvement. We imagine that making parallel to the Tempest petition would already be an interesting point of departure for a post on your site or social media. As KORG's customer relations are practically non-existent at this moment we hope that you can help us in this effort to capture their attention."

The original Korg Electribes spawned a whole generation of electronic music creators, the all in one workstation/groovebox approach just seemed to gel with many. As a result Electribe owners are an evangelical bunch.

The newer Electribes, Electribe 2 and Electribe 2 Sampler, while offering staggering amounts of voices and DSP seem to be frustrating some power users keen to be fully immersed in the Electribe ecosystem. They want the same awesome feeling they got when using the previous generation of Electribes by petitioning for OS updates.

Indeed Korg have said that they are committed to the advancement of the Electribe 2 OS. Its just that things aren't moving as fast as existing owners and presumably perspective purchasers would like.

The petition, organised by Electribe_Fan, from Long Beach CA,  are requesting  that Korg prioritise the OS updates via this online petition that asks Korg's ace product designer Tatsuya Takakhashi and others to get involved and help push this on. The list of requests seems eminently possible, the users don't appear to be asking for the moon on a stick, and understand the capabilities of the machine.

Requests include:

  • Improve Voice Stealing logic
  • Fix Note Cutoff on pattern change
  • Filter knob resolution improvements
  • Retriggering glitch fix
  • Better SD sample handling and previewing
  • Undo feature
  • Send CC automation values to MIDI
  • Per part playback speed
  • and more..


For a full list of requests and details, head over to the petition page - and make your vote count, who knows, it might get a result.

You can refresh your memory of what the new Electribe can do with our piece with Mistabishi from when it was released:

Here's a link to the petition:

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