2nd Behringer Synth Video Reveals More About New Analog

2 LFOs, PWM and a filtersweep      12/07/16

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After last weeks first look at the new Behringer synth which - in time honoured teaser fashion, revealed that it was analog while still keeping us very much guessing, we saw the reactions of Vile Electrodes, Richard Devine and Sonar Traffic's Allert Aalders,  a second video has just been released via German music tech site Amazona.de,  which introduces the reactions of producer Neil Davidge - Massive Attack, Halo soundtrack, Robbie Bronnimann - producer and performer (a guest on sonic TALK we might add) and modular synth expert Divkid (see his Youtube channel). it appears to be filmed at Midas HQ in the UK where, according to Amazona, the team has been developing the new instrument as part of Uli Behringer's lifelong desire to make a commercial analog synth.

Not much more information is revealed, but we can see that it has 2 multi-wave LFOs and if the sounds featured are all from the as yet un-named synth , a nice filter sweep at the end. And if we're not mistaken, what sounds like a bit of unison detune at the top of the video.

The price and name have yet to be revealed, as are details about when it will be available - I guess next week we'll know more..



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