A Virtual Yamaha EX5

Gospel Musicians BlueBeast is a sample & synthesis library for UVI Worksation and Falcon      11/07/16

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Gospel Musicians has released the BlueBeast, which they describe as a Yamaha EX5 virtual sample and synthesis library for UVI Worksation and Falcon. Here's the story in their own words...

The BlueBeast is an exhaustive virtual instrument emulation and sample library of the Yamaha EX5 for Falcon and UVI Workstation. You get full access to the raw waveforms and a sampled version of the VL instruments. You also get a complete emulation of the AN synth engine. These are not samples, rather it is a full synthesis emulation of the AN1 of the EX5. We interpolated the AN1 waveforms using FFT and mipmapping synthesis, while keeping the same Edge, Sync, and Feedback functionality that was so loved from the AN1x. Finally, through the power of UVI and sophisticated synthesis and sampling techniques, we have managed to implement many of the sought after FDSP engines from the EX5, such as: Ring Modulator, Pulse-Width-Modulation, Tornado, Seismic, and a FULL FM synth (not just the FDSP Self-FM). We were even able to sample the water effects and route them through the full filter section and envelopes.

As far as presets, we have included the full range of EX5 EPs which is what people loved the most about the EX5. We can safely say that you should be able to create close to 85% of your original sounds with the BlueBeast and in many cases, you will be able to create better presets, due to the high quality effects, and synthesis engine that UVI provides. As far as presets, we have included all of 256 factory presets from the original hardware, so you can have that good nostalgic feeling of owing the real hardware.


  • Full access to raw waveforms.
  • Full access to sample version of VL Elements.
  • Full reproduction of AN1 synthesis including Edge, PWM, Feedback, and Sync.
  • 256 Factory (A-H) presets of original hardware.
  • Simulation of FDSP Tornado and Seismic.
  • Simulation of FDSP PWM.
  • Sampled versions of FDSP Water synthesis.
  • Full Arp and Pattern Sequencer.
  • Full FM Synth.


Pricing and Availability:
The BlueBeast is on sale for $99.99 until July 22, 2016. For purchasers of Pure Synth Platinum, the price will be $79.99.

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