New Analogue Synth Requires Funding

Limaflo limited edition 5-Voice Midi Analogue Riff & Bass Synthesizer debuts on Kickstarter      01/07/16

New Analogue Synth Requires Funding

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A Kickstarter campaign has begun for the Chicago synth, which will be available in a limited edition of 30. The synth is described as a MIDI Saw/Square/Sub wave Analogue Synthesizer with four additional independent pulse waves that are adjustable in phase and width. Here's the details in the words of the designer and manufacturer.

The Chicago Boutique RIFF & BASS Analogue Synthesizer is designed with basic or limited features, yet a useful sound portfolio, made possible by the four variable phase and width pulse oscillators, in addition to the Sub, Square and Saw oscillators, all shaped by a wide bandwidth 4 pole Sallen & Key low-pass analogue filter.

The stripped-down Chicago Boutique Monophonic RIFF & BASS Analogue Synthesizer began with a new approach to the filter and oscillator design, resulting in sounds that work perfectly 'in the mix', with deep solid lows and rich percussive highs (when you need it).  Pulse nuance controls allows you to get the sound just right through very subtle harmonic variations.  MIDI 'Daisy-Chaining' or 'Ganging' modules can realise impressive true stereo sound (not using chorus or inferior stereo widening effects), requiring little effort, with the ability to tune to 3rds, 5ths and 7ths if you need.

The 'limited edition' product features:

  • Analogue signal path from the oscillator to the output
  • 1 x Saw or Square wave (selectable)
  • 1 x Synced Square Sub (-1 Octave) - it also divides the Saw frequency by 2
  • 4 x independent Pulse waves with automatic or manual adjustment of the phase, and manual adjustment of the pulse width
  • Tune (0 to +60 cents), 3rd, 5th or 7th
  • MIDI In, MIDI Thru, channel selection 1 to 16
  • Classic Gate mode or Gate and 'Trigger on every note' mode
  • 6 channel mixer
  • Amplifier ADSR
  • Sallen & Key 24dB/Octave Low pass filter with Attack, Peak, Decay, Sustain and Resonance control
  • Set to sine (low frequency filter) switch
  • Filter decay mode switch
  • 482 mm (19") x 132 mm (3U) and ~40 mm from face to base
  • 1 Watt power dissipation
  • Approx. 2 kg

Pricing and Availability:
Estimated RRP: Sub £300.
See Kickstarter.

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