Dave Smith OB6 Desktop - Its Official

And you can chain em for 12 voices      23/06/16

Dave Smith OB6 Desktop - Its Official

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We asked Dave Smith about this at Superbooth 16, he was cagey, but we thought it might be in the offing. And so it is, today DSI announced the availability of the Tom Oberheim collaboration synth, the OB-6 will be coming in desktop form, just like the Prophet 6, it can now be squeezed into your setup if you ain't got room for the full keyboard version.

For reminder, here's what we shot at NAMM this year:


The OB-6 has got the same discrete analog voice architecture of the  keyboard version and retains the hands-on control. We've had a little time playing with the OB6 and have to say it does sound fantastic.

Dave Smith has also slipped in a little extra functionality in the form of a poly chain function so you can hook up two of them for a 12 voice monster.

The essence of OB-6's vintage sound is its discrete voltage-controlled oscillators (plus sub-oscillator) and discrete,state-variable filter, both based on the classic Oberheim SEM (the core of Tom Oberheim's acclaimed 4-voice and8-voice synthesizers). Voltage-controlled amplifiers complete the all-analog signal path.

Tom Oberheim: "The desktop module sounds every bit as good as the OB-6 keyboard because, on the inside, it's exactly the same - the same VCOs, VCFs, and VCAs and the same big, in-your-face SEM sound that people have always loved."

Module vital statistics: Weight 13 lbs (5.9 kg) and measures 20.75" L x 7.8" W x 4.4" H (52.0 cm x 19.8.cm x11.2 cm).

The OB-6 desktop module will be available in the early fall with a projected MAP of $2,299.



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