Cymru Beats 2016: Future Sound Systems Modules

US From the guy behind Moog SoundLab UK      21/06/16
   8:8 mins    

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You may recognize Finlay Shakespeare from our piece on the Moog SoundLab UK - a big stack of Moog gear installed in a hotel (includng the Moog 55) made available to artisits to use for recording and composition. Finlay was the lucky guy who ran the rig and recorded the results.

Finlay also runs Future Sound Systems, based in Bristol UK, a small modular manufacturer making several modules including a range of accessories and:

FIL1 - Convulsion Generator
FIL2 - Spectral Devastator
MX1 - Mixer
VAC1 P.O.C.A passive optically controlled Attenuator

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