3D Wavetable Synthesizer Beta Available

Tone2 Icarus in public beta and an early access phase      14/06/16

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We brought you news of the Tone2 Icarus some time ago and now Tone2 tells us this, "We have received many requests to be able to join the beta of our new 3D wavetable synthesizer Icarus before the official release. That's why we offer an early access phase and a public beta."

They tell us that the beta has been reported to be stable and reliable. A spokesperson said, "If the plugin runs in demo mode, it sometimes can produce a hanging tone after 30 minutes. The unlocked full version is not affected by this."

Here's Tone2's description of Icarus:

Icarus is a exceptionally powerful, new synthesizer with '3D wavetable synthesis'. It offers a fresh signature sound, which quickly catches your audiences' attention. The easy to use interface and a massive amount of inspiring factory sounds allow you to create professional tracks rapidly and with very low effort.
The sound quality surpasses conventional synths. However you don't need to own a NASA computer to be able to use Icarus, since it offers the best possible sound quality and low CPU requirement.

Icarus is a '3D wavetable synth', because we extended the popular traditional wavetable synthesis, which allows to cross-blend waveforms, with an additional dimension for morphing. This is one of the secrets why Icarus can create very special sounds with lots of dynamic expression and movement. Most of these unique sounds are hard, or impossible to create with other synthesizers. Use unheard signature sounds to make your tracks stand out from the crowd.

Icarus offers the power of hardware and the flexibility of software. It offers a huge sonic range and is extremely versatile, but still remains very easy to use. The exceptionally powerful audio engine is able to reproduce all important synthesizer sounds.
This synthesizer can do: All classic synthesis methods, 3D wavetables, morphing, resynthesis of samples...  It has: 53 effects, 3x10 stereo oscillators with hypersaw, dual stereo filters with 62 filter types and distortion, an arpeggiator, a vocoder, a wavetable editor...
By using Icarus you can save $xxxxx, since you can replace a wonderful collection of hard- and software instruments with a single synthesizer. An additional benefit for you is, that you no longer have to deal with a large number of different user interfaces.

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