MacBeth Shows New Concept Synth

US Like a mini M5N- its called the M7-D      09/06/16

MacBeth Shows New Concept Synth

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Ken MacBeth has just posted some new work in progress  images of something he's calling the M7-D - it seems to be based on the large format M5/M5N which although only a limited production run was made, definitely rouses the G.A.S in us, something about the sheer size of it, while based on the 2600 layout, it completely dwarfs it.

These new images show a smaller, two panel concept (though we can just see the upper panel here) with faders of which ken says "I'm completely blown away by my return to sliders as a control parameter....not only that, my Trans Diode filter is doing some sublime things."

As Ken mentioned in his recent interview for our Meet The Makers series, design is all about the layout, these mockups use a card front panel to get started on that design process.

Ken goes on to say:

Here's the upper section of what I'm working on- I call it M7-D. Infact- try to imagine 4 rows of slider parameters and you are getting there!.....more to follow!........this is at a very experimental stage, but it's up, running!- this by the way- a card fronted prototype.....let's me visualise things !

We look forward to some more videos and images soon. Of course Ken has his hands full with production and build of the Elements synth and also the new X-Series Proton models he showed us at Superbooth earlier this year.


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