KMI Introduce iOS Support For K-MIX

US K-MIX Editor update offers many new features for the audio interface programmable mixer      08/06/16

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Keith McMillen Instruments has announced availability of K-MIX Editor v1.2 for Mac OS X, improving its K-MIX 8 In 10 Out Audio Interface Programmable Mixer by bringing about a whole host of new features, including iOS support. Here's their press release on the subject...

Having blown musical minds and opened open-minded ears when introducing its killer K-MIX at The NAMM Show 2016, January 21-24 in Anaheim, California, Keith McMillen Instruments is clearly collectively not one for standing still when taking its next-generation audio interface and programmable mixer to the next logical level with the timely release of the K-MIX Editor v1.2 for Mac OS X software/firmware update for said portable product. Pronounces Keith McMillen Instruments Founder & CEO Keith McMillen: "I have taken on portability as my personal commitment to the world's travelling musicians. No longer are we dragged to the ground with heavy, unreliable audio gear. Enabling the K-MIX to work with iOS frees us to bring everything needed for a studio-quality recording and editing system in a small carry-on bag with room left for a toothbrush and a change of clothes!"

While wholeheartedly embracing the iOS community will have far-reaching consequences for the K-MIX's ever-expanding musical universe, the K-MIX Editor v1.2 for Mac OS X software/firmware update duly delivers an abundance of new features for the benefit of all users, iOS or otherwise: Stereo Pairing added as a replacement for Fader Groups (editor and firmware); low/mid/high Phones Gain Level switch now defaults to mid (editor and firmware); Pass Thru can now be enabled separately for faders and rotaries (editor and firmware); added Expander Control switch settable from the editor defaults to off (editor and firmware); added Bypass + parameter reset functionality -- holding the Byps button and tapping a parameter now resets/normalises that parameter (firmware); and Analog Clipping indication is now present in Input mode when VU is enabled (firmware). The K-MIX Editor v1.2 for Mac OS X software/firmware update also provides a notable number of fixes and improvements to existing K-MIX functionality.

Fortunately for PC users, Keith McMillen Instruments is also keen to stress that the K-MIX will soon be Windows compatible following an upcoming update. Until then, though, thanks to the K-MIX Editor v1.2 for Mac OS X software/firmware update, studio-quality recording and editing with the feature-packed K-MIX just got a whole lot more portable and iOS devices have never sounded so good... good to go wherever your musical travels take you. Just don't forget your toothbrush!

The video at the top of the page shows a K-MIX field recording made with iOS, capturing the sound of a passing train with six microphones using Steinberg Cubasis on an Apple iPad.

Pricing and Availability:
K-MIX Editor v1.2 for Mac OS X can be downloaded directly from Keith McMillen Instruments itself here.

K-MIX carries an MSRP of $579.00 USD and is available to purchase from any authorised Keith McMillen Instruments dealer or directly from Keith McMillen Instruments.

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