Reason iPad App Adds Performance Options

Delora rsTouch Pro now includes a grid keyboard and a controls screen      02/06/16

Reason iPad App Adds Performance Options

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Harmony Systems, Inc. has announced the worldwide availability of Delora rsTouch Pro 2.7.0, an upgrade to their iPad application that provides control surface functionality for the Propellerhead Reason music application on a Mac or PC. They tell us that rsTouch Pro 2.7 enhances its current Performance features with two new exciting controller options. Here's the details in their own words...

This update adds another option, the now familiar "grid keyboard" to rsTouch's keyboard and drum pad performance surfaces. All can be used to play Reason synths and drum machines, or to record into a sequencer track. "Grid" is an 8 x 8 array of pads that plays notes based on a chosen scale and key. Twenty-seven different scales are available in addition to the traditional chromatic scale.

The second rsTouch 2.7 Performance controller addition is the "Controls" screen. It augments rsTouch's Device control feature that already provides custom designed user interfaces for over 100 Reason and Rack Extension synthesizers and effects. "Controls" provides 10 faders, 12 rotaries and 12 buttons that are assignable to any Reason control available through Reason's Remote control surface system. This can be particularly beneficial when there is a need to have fast access to parameters across a number of different devices.

rsTouch Pro offers full control of Reason's Mixer and transport functions. A dedicated Master screen allows full adjustments of Reason's Main Mixer Master section. Control 108 Reason and third party Rack Extensions and Devices with customized screens.

Pricing and Availability:
rsTouch Pro is available for $19.99 (USD) on the iTunes App Store, and is a free upgrade for current rsTouch users.

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