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US Audionomy follows their DM1 sample-based machine with the DM2 powered by Pure Data      20/05/16

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Following DM1, one of the first sample-based drum machine for iPad, that won an Apple Design Award in 2012, the same core team has now released DM2 which they describe as a new and exciting synthesis drum machine for iPad powered by Pure Data, one of the most musical audio technologies for mobile devices. Along with a polymetric sequencer and an extensive song mode, DM2 includes a fully graphical editor for creating exciting drum sounds.

Here's a tutorial about the Drum Synthesis:

• Retina Display
• Graphic design by Jonas Eriksson
• Pure Data powered audio engine with dynamic rendering
• Ready-made electronic drum kits
• Step Sequencer with multi-touch matrix
• 16 or 32 Steps per patterns
• Polymetric Sequencer
• Powerful graphic editor for Audio Synthesis
• That offers for each sound:
• A mix of an oscillator (Sin|Triangle|Sawtooth|Square) and a noise generator
• Two self-oscillating filters (lowpass|bandpass|hipass)
• Two volume envelopes (exponential|linear|clap)
• A pitch modulator for the oscillator (exponential|lfo|random)
• A distortion effect to boost or crush your sound
• A stereo switch
• Copy and Paste sounds
• Swap sounds between two tracks
• 9 Pads to play and record patterns
• With Beat Repeat effect
• Full screen Mixer with volume, pan and solo mode for each track
• 4 FX Pads for your Master Effects chain : Compressor | Overdrive >>> Phaser | Chorus >>> Delay >>> Reverb
• Mode song with fast editing and patterns repeat
• Audio background mode
• Audiobus support
• Full Midi implementation
• Inter-App Audio support
• Ableton Link compatible

Pricing and Availability:

$4.99 / 4.99€ on the app store. (40% off launch price for the 1st week)

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