Arturia Synclavier V - Legendary 80s Workstation Joins V Collection 5


Arturia Synclavier V - Legendary 80s Workstation Joins V Collection 5

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The Synclaver is one of the most iconic instruments of its time, more so as no-one could afford one - no-one we know anyhow. Costing as much as a house, or fully expanded ,several houses it was way out of reach to all but the most wealthy.

It is claimed that the Synclavier was the first FM synth, beating the DX-7 to market, it also had additive syntesis and something called a TimeSlice engine which was an early method of sample recording and playback.

So Arturia have teamed up with original inventor Cameron Jones and created the Synclavier V. Its part of the new V Collection 5 and has increased the capabilities somewhat, though incredibly you do get the original presets - imagine that, access to those sounds that before you needed a couple hundred grand to access.

Synclavier V is available now as part of the V Collection 5 - or separately for €199



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