iZotope Drop Vocal Synth - Not Just A Vocoder

Four vocal engines, effects, pitch correction and more      18/05/16

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iZotope have been cooking something new up and this is it, the Vocal Synth is a plug-in dedicated to processing vocals, with four vocal processing engines, it can produce vocoder chops - Polyvox - gives you organic vocal harmonies octaves and doubles, Vocoder - the classic robotic sound,Compuvox - glitchy digital speech and Talkbox for singing synthesized sounds.

Using their super efficient digital analysis magic, you can work in real-time on all of the above, the plug-in is available for download now at a reduced price of $149 till June 16th 2016 - normally $199

If you look closely at the video, you might just see the fabled iZotope Fairy (ex) on the mic.

Key Features

  • Four advanced vocal engines: Use the voice as the foundation for robotic vocals (Vocoder), organic harmonies (Polyvoice), glitchy digital speech (Compuvox), and singing synthesized sounds (Talkbox).
  • Specialized vocal effects: Add edgy or tasteful distortion, filters, speaker convolution modeling, beat-repeats, and wide stereo delays.
  • Pitch correction: Correct off-key notes in vocals with real-time pitch correction, preserving the original formants and timbre of the vocals for natural-sounding results.
  • Streamlined voice generation: Easily add harmonies, octaves, or unisons in Auto mode, or plug in a MIDI controller to drive VocalSynth with the specific harmony voicings.
  • Presets across genres: Quickly access classic sounds that are known and loved, plus distinctive new combinations of all four vocal engines.




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