Volca Vibes: Retrokits - For Volca Sample - Watch + Win

Volca Sample active MIDI cable changes everything      17/05/16
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In this mini series around the Korg Volca series, we uncover some tips and tricks and accessories that allow you to get more out of your Korg Volca, whether it's the Volca Beats, Volca Bass, Volca Keys, Volca FM, or in this case the Volca Sample.

In this episode we take a look at a nifty custom MIDI cable , the Retrokits RK002/KVS with an embedded processor that allows you to play the Volca Sample from external MIDI, mapping 1 octave to each of the 10 sound slots (previously addressable only on separate MIDI channels), but also, and this is extremely useful, to play pitched chromatic samples across two octaves. It does this by housing a tiny processing chip  (NXP 32bit LPC 812) inside one end of a MIDI cable which maps the incoming MIDI messages to stuff the Volca Sample understands.

You edit the functions using WebMIDI via the Chrome browser. There are a couple of things, one is the occasional portamento type effect that the Volca introduces as it smooths the incoming control data (notes are mapped to the Sample tuning parameter and recorded as Motion Sequencing) and also the inability to select the part to be recorded via the key switch sound selection - this we fear is likely to be an issue with the Volca Sample though.

Actually, we're quite blown away by it as it really opens up the way you can use the Volca Sample.

Available now priced at €35/$40 + Shipping

Competition Time - Win a Retrokits RK002/KVS

All you have to do is Subscribe to our Youtube Channel, and leave a comment on this video on Youtube. Simple. The winner will receive their very own special Sonicstate edition Retrokits lead.

Good Luck.






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