New Version Of Creature Sound Designer

Krotos Dehumaniser II creates creature and monster sounds in real-time      16/05/16

New Version Of Creature Sound Designer

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Krotos has announced DEHUMANISER II, which they describe as a new generation of the acclaimed vocal-processing software that allows for the creation of creature and monster sounds in real-time. They say that this new version enhances the profound audio capabilities of DEHUMANISER with powerful additional models, processes and the ability to utilise the program within a DAW as a VST, AAX, and AU plugin. Here's the details directly from Krotos...

Popular amongst professional sound designers as a distinctive instrument for producing studio–quality sounds through multiple layers of sound manipulation techniques, DEHUMANISER II has had its sound engine completely redesigned with improved algorithms and optimisation for DAWs. Additionally, a modular, node-based system allows for the customisation of workflows to complete sound design projects in a fraction of the typically-required amount of time with minimised effort requirements and costs.

The versatile effects section of DEHUMANISER II has been expanded to include processing modules such as Flanger Chorus and Ring Modulator. More than 100 presets have also been built-in for quick setups and to inspire sound design. Organised into custom libraries, these presets are tailored for monsters, dialogue, robots and experimental effects. Dehumaniser 2 can also be used for music, ambiences, percussion and more as a creative sound design tool.

DEHUMANISER II also introduces its ability to be fully iLok compatible. Now, users are able to activate and manage licenses online with an iLok account or dongle. This allows for the ability to move copies of DEHUMANISER II between studios and sessions with ease, granting freedom within working environments.

Finally, the sound library of DEHUMANISER II has been vastly expanded, now including a range of more than 100 high-quality animal recordings. The sounds have the capability of being triggered and manipulated via amplitude, pitch or a range of audio descriptors, and were recorded at 192khz, 24-bit. Additional libraries can be purchased from Krotos' website and used within the programme. Existing sound libraries are able to be imported.

Pricing and Availability:

Dehumaniser II is available starting May 2016 for a retail price of £449 + VAT.

An update discount for owners of previous versions of Dehumaniser will be available for limited time for Pro owners and Pro Extended owners.

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