Superbooth 2016: Bastl Instruments New Modules (Video)

Dynamo, Tromsø and Hendrikson make their debut      02/04/16
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Superbooth 2016: Bastl Instruments New Modules (Video)

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At the show, Bastl Instruments has announced 3 fresh additions to their modular lineup: Dynamo, Tromsø and Hendrikson. A spokesperson told us, "Thanks to these modules we were also able to create new complete modular systems focused on signal processing: Bob and Bobek and an upgrade to our flagship modular system Rumburack 2.0 . We will also present more new modules: Popcorn, Dupdup, Clutch and Ciao! previewed at NAMM in January"

Here's the details directly from their press release...

Dynamo is dynamics analyser and fake thruzero modulator. It combines an Envelope Follower and a comparator which, when combined with a fullwave rectifier output and Compressor CV curve generator, allows you to make a compressor from any VCA (think of tube or vactrol). The other trick of the Dynamo is a voltage controlled switch section which combines with the fullwave rectifier and comparator to allow you to create deep "fake thruzero modulations" with anything you like!

Tromsø is made of 3 modules: VCO, Comparator and Sample & Hold. Internal normalisation allows you to instantly use it as voltage controllable analog downsampler (or sample rate reducer if you like). This module is inspired by a machine called Distortotron by Psybe made in 1994 which is arguably the first analog downsampler and bit distortion of its kind. This machine was commissioned by Mental Overdrive for his album Plugged from 1995 which will be rereleased this year at Rett i Fletta.

Hendrikson is a guitar/ instrument amplifier and an interface for external effects processors such as stomp boxes. The most unique feature is the mix output which is a CV controllable crossfader between the signal that goes to the Output and signal that comes from the Input. This means that when used with external effects processor it gives CV control of one of the most important parameters the Dry / Wet Mix.

Rumburack 2.0 is a compact yet powerful modular system with analog punch and digital charm. Its advanced sequencing abilities make it a self contained performance instrument that is ready to go on tour with you!

Bob and Bobek are analog processing modular systems designed with live performance in mind. Instrument amplifier input and line / guitar level output make it so universal that it can work in any setup. Both modular cases have a bottom insert for standard microphone stand which makes them look great on the stage! In comparison Bob has far more modulation sources, foot interfaces and more external connections via additional Hendrikson.

Pricing and Availability:
All shipping early June 2016, prices excluding VAT

  • Dynamo:109 eur
  • Tromsø: 109 eur
  • Hendrikson: 109 eur
  • Rumburack 2.0: 2149 eur
  • Bobek: 659 eur
  • Bob: 1239 eur

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