Sonic LAB: 3 Cool Things You Can Do With The Korg Miniligue

US Oscilloscope, Motion Modulation and Beatstep Pro Sync      15/02/16
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The Minlogue, Korg's new four voice analogue synthesizer at the ridiculous price point, has got many synth users, newbie and veteran alike all excited. That and they've managed to be first to market with an affordable analog poly.

Whats amazing that Korg  have been able to bring a true analog four voice polysynth in at such a competitive price (around $500). But then there's the actual synth itself, people are finding out that it has such a lot of features to offer and is pretty capable.

Product designer "Tats" Tatsuya has managed to ensure that it takes a lot of great features whilst still being acceptable to the analogue purists - and they spelt analogue right too..

We'll be working on a full review, but we found a few nifty features whilst we were exploring the Minilogue. We thought it was worth pointing these things out.

Tip 1: Oscilloscope
A nice addition, some may think its a bit gimmicky, but having a waveform display is certainly useful, particularly when you find that you can use it to view external audio inputs.

Tip 2: Motion Sequencing For Modulation
The on-board 32 step sequencer is jolly useful, and as with the Volca range, it allows you to record parameter tweaks in real-time too. But what you may not know is that you can use it to record, only parameter tweaks - up to four lanes of real-time knob tweaking. Which means you don't have to record any notes in it. Then run the sequencer, and play along, the parameters will apply to the live notes you play. Extra Tip - if you do record notes in, just hit PLAY/REC/REST to erase them, while leaving the motion sequence intact.

Tip 3: Arturia Beatstep Pro Sync
Now the Beatstep Pro is a great partner to any analog setup, with MIDI, CV and Trigger sequencing. It also has a dedicated Clock output, which sadly does not speak the right language to sync to Volca Sync (which the Minilogue supports). However, you can use one of the 8 Trigger outs from the Drum sequencer of the Beatstep Pro, although you will need to attenuate the signal, its just too hot for the Minilogue.
Record a 2 step part (or one trigger every other step) in the BSPro with a single pad trigger. Connect Trigger Out 1 to an attenuator or volume control, then into the Minilogue Sync In. Adjust to get the optimum volume, the Minilogue will now sync to the BSPro. Make sure you turn down the Gate length for each step on the BSPro to around 14 or 15.

As ever, please leave any questions in the comments, so we can address them in the full review.

The Korg Minilogue is available now, but due to high demand, stocks are limited in some countries.



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