Tip: Make Your Own Shimmer Reverb

Using a mixer and a couple of basic effects      08/02/16
    MP4 9:9 mins    

Much as we love the Eventide H9 multi-effects, sadly the unit we had, has left the building. Ditto with the excellent MFB Dominion 1 Synthesizer. In our review of that synth, we discovered the beautiful combination of a harmonically rich synth and the Shimmer type effect the H9 does so well.

We wanted to get some of that vibe back and discovered a way to do it.


Mixer with at least 2 AUX sends and enough channels to return your FX

This can be a DSP equipped mixer such as the Behringer X-AIR 18 or any other DSP mixer with on board FX, or indeed in software via plug ins in your DAW.

A Reverb
Pitch Shift capable of +1 Octave

Steps to your own Shimmer:

  • Add a large Reverb (6 secs +) on an AUX 1 send
  • Return Reverb to input channel(s)
  • Add an Octave pitch shift on  AUX 2 send
  • Return Octave shift via channel - take out of L/R mix
  • Send signal from your input channel (synth, guitar etc) to Reverb via AUX 1
  • Send Reverb return signal to Octave Shift using AUX 2
  • Send Octave Shift to Reverb via AUX 1 - careful with the levels
Enter ambient heaven (hopefully).
Experiment with: delay times on on the Pitch shift, or even the interval - a fifth can work, though beware, it can get pretty mushy if theres a lot of notes going into the reverb in the first place.



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