NAMM 2016: What You May Have Missed But Shouldn't Have

US A selection of the weird and wonderful      02/02/16

KMI K-Board Pro 4

As multi-dimensional polyphonic expression gains momentum through ROLI Seaboard Rise (they also introduced a 49 key RISE at the show) this is an alternative way to play with expresion in three dimensions. With pressure, velocity, and key position all sending out control data (per key) The Keith McMillen K-Board Pro 4 has a more familiar interface.

Should be shipping in a month or two.



From the people who brought us they iConnectMIDI - which gave us incredibly deep and connected MIDI (ethernet, USB and MIDI ports) as well as iPad Digital audio, the iConnectAUDIO2+ is more audio focussed - with 2 in and 6 out as well as USB passthrough between a second PC or Mac and an iPad. All audio is aggregated within the device itself. Essentially means you can join two computers and an iPad into the same system. We also like the touchscreen interface for setting inputs up on the front panel. $249 available soon.


Modal Eurorack Modules

It's weird being just down the road from Bristol based Modal Electronics, yet seeing them 5,000 miles away. But at NAMM they have a bunch of new stuff. The biggest news perhaps being their new Eurorack format modules. With five modules  - the  008 analog VCO, the 002 NCO, 008 multi mode VCF (15 filter types), 002 VCF and a MIDI clock/sync module, they had the NCO and 002 VCF working - the VCF sounded especially good to our ears - it's got the same 1 pole through 4 pole variable slope as the 002 and had a really pleasing “blat” quality to it. Expected price $300 or less.



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