Nord Piano Library Expanded

US Chris Maene Collection features the Mozart and the Beethoven Broadwood Fortepianos      29/01/16

Nord Piano Library Expanded

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Nord Keyboards and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd have announced two unique additions to the freely downloadable Nord Piano Library.  Available now for owners of Nord Stage 2 EX / Stage 2 / Stage EX / Stage Classic, Electro 5 / 4 / 3, and Piano 2 / Piano, are two historical instruments from the Chris Maene Collection: the Mozart Fortepiano and the "Beethoven" Broadwood. Here are the details in their own words...

Mozart acquired an Anton Walter fortepiano as a concert instrument and played it regularly in his academy concerts in various concert halls in Vienna between 1782-1791.This replica, made by Chris Maene Workshop, is identical in every detail to the original Mozart fortepiano and captures all the characteristics of the original instrument.

The Mozart fortepianos were built in Vienna by the famous Anton Walter between 1780 to 1800 and was a five octave instrument with a very light touch. Walnut wood was used for the body of the instrument and in contrast to a modern instrument the natural keys are black and made of ebony, the accidental keys are white and covered with bone.

This original Broadwood fortepiano, from the unique Chris Maene Collection, dates back to 1847. Beethoven played on a Broadwood pianoforte (from 1817) and this Broadwood is similar in every detail to the instrument owned by Beethoven. This fortepiano featured 6 octaves C-C and has more the character of a grand piano than the earlier fortepianos.

London-based Thomas Broadwood was one of the most renowned piano builders during the 19th Century. After meeting the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven in 1817 he decided to give him a fortepiano as a gift, which later became one of Beethoven's favorite instruments.

About the Chris Maene Workshop
The Chris Maene Workshop is world famous for their unique handcrafted replicas of historical instruments as well as high end Grand Pianos. Chris Maene also collects historical keyboard instruments and his exclusive collection consists of approximately 200 different rare instruments. Read more at

About the Nord Piano Library
The Nord Piano Library is a specialized library for acoustic and electric keyboard instruments and incorporates a number of unique technologies in order to create the most realistic reproductions of the original instruments. The library contains a wide selection of multi-sampled upright and grand pianos, vintage electric pianos, harpsichords and clavinets – all carefully selected for their unique characters.

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