NAMM 2016: Intelligent Mastering Processor

US Softube introduces the Drawmer S73, an enhanced multi-band compressor plug-in      22/01/16

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Softube are showing off their new Drawmer S73 Intelligent Mastering Processor plug-in at NAMM. They say that, fusing together the best bits of Drawmer hardware with contemporary techniques from today's top professionals, the Drawmer S73 Intelligent Mastering Processor is the perfect tool for easy mixing. Here's more details in Softube's own words...

The Drawmer S73 Intelligent Mastering Processor is an enhanced multi-band compressor featuring a simple STYLE parameter to switch between readymade mastering processing techniques using multi-band compression, equalization, and mid-side processing. The Drawmer S73 Intelligent Mastering Processor is easy to navigate, producing a fantastic analog sound with unbeatable clarity and definition. Get a truly professional finish to tracks in no time!

Nail Your Multi-Band Compression
Multi-band compression is vital to get right. It's no mean feat to divide tracks into multiple frequencies and control their gain reduction individually with exactly the right balance -- not enough, and things go out of control; too much, and you've got pumping hell on your hands (and ears). Fortunately for its users, the Drawmer S73 Intelligent Mastering Processor takes the pain out of the process, putting straightforward power at anyone's fingertips to achieve the precision and balance of a professional sound engineer.

We've mastered the science, so you can master your music! In short:

  • Easy to navigate; fully professional finish.
  • 10 different built-in mastering processing techniques, divided into three areas.
  • Impressive analog 'Drawmer compressor' sound.
  • Parallel compression.
  • No USB iLok required.


Pricing and Availability:

The Drawmer S73 Intelligent Mastering Processor will be available from February 2, 2016, priced at $99. An introductory price of $75 runs until February 29, 2016.

The Drawmer S73 Intelligent Mastering Processor will also be available to Focusrite owners as part of the Time and Tone Bundle (included when buying a product from Focusrite's Scarlett, Saffire, and Clarett ranges).

All Softube plug-ins, including the Drawmer S73 Intelligent Mastering Processor, use iLok's machine-based license system, which is entirely free, meaning a USB iLok key is optional.

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