NAMM 2016: Doepfer Modular Sequencing Announcement

A-157 Trigger Sequencer Subsystem is on its way      21/01/16

NAMM 2016: Doepfer Modular Sequencing Announcement

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Doepfer has announced that the A-157 trigger sequencer subsystem is now in production. It is made up of three modules:

  • A-157-1: matrix module with 160 LEDs and momentary switches arranged as 8 rows with 16 steps each, and the control section on the the hand right side (mute, select, shift, store, recall and so on)
  • A-157-2: output module with 8 trigger outputs and 8 LED controls
  • A-157-3: input module with manual controls and control inputs for Start, Stop, Reset, Clock and 4 freeassignable functions

The matrix module A-157-1 is the core of the system and is used to set or reset each of the 8x16 steps by means of the momentary switch for each step (similar to the well-known 808 operation, but with 8 rows visible at the same time). At the right hand side additional functions are available, like mute (turning a complete row on/off), select (selecting one or more rows for subsequent operations), function switches for selected row(s) like shift row left, shift row right, swap row, invert row, first/last step of the row, direction of the row (forward, backward, pendulum, random), pattern mode (A/AB/ABCD), store/recall of presets,
clock source and so on.

The A-157-2 output module is connected via a ribbon cable to the A-157-1 and can be placed to the right of the A-157-1, or even one row above/below if desired. The same is valid for the A-157-3 input module.

The input module A-157-3 is the interface to the clock/start/stop/reset signals of the A-100 system to synchronize the A-157 to other modules like an analog sequencer (A-155/A-154) or MIDI/USB via a suitable interface. In addition it has four free assignable function inputs available that can be assigned to certain functions (e.g. shift left via external trigger signal). The module has an internal USB connector that is used to update the firmware to the latest version.

A breakout module with MIDI in/out and USB is in the planning stage. This would mean that it would no longer be necessary to remove the module for a firmware update.

Pricing and Availability:
Date of Delivery: February 2016
Price: ~ US$ 600.00 (Euro 500.00)

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