NAMM 2016: CME Announces The WIDI BUD

USB-to-Bluetooth adapter extends Xkey Air keyboard connectivity to Windows and Android      21/01/16

NAMM 2016: CME Announces The WIDI BUD

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CME's Xkey Air Bluetooth MIDI piano keyboard connects natively to iOS and OSX devices, but now the low-profile WIDI BUD USB-to-Bluetooth adapter extends the Xkey Air connectivity to any USB-equipped Windows, Android, Chromebook, or Linux device.

Due to be launched at NAMM 2016, WIDI BUD plugs into the USB port of a Windows, Android, Chromebook, Linux, Apple iOS or Mac devices. WIDI BUD then automatically pairs to the Xkey Air keyboard for a wireless connection and full keyboard compatibility with MIDI music apps.

CME tells us that the Xkey Air is the first Bluetooth MIDI keyboard to work with the most popular PC, tablet and smartphone devices. Developed following an Indiegogo campaign that was 8x oversubscribed, the Xkey Air is available in 25- and 37-key models.

Zhao Yitian, founder and CEO of Xkey developer CME, says, "With a 10 metre (30 foot) Bluetooth range and imperceptible latency, the Xkey Air range is perfect for musicians who want to cut out cables. The 25-key model is ideal for connecting to a smartphone on the move, while the 37-key model is the pro choice for stage and studio projects."

The low-profile WIDI BUD adapter is a fully class compliant USB MIDI dongle. The adapter only protrudes 6mm from the USB socket, which is less than the width of a pencil. Its advanced specification includes Low Energy Bluetooth, to reduce battery drain, minimized latency for optimized musical responsiveness, plus USB compatibility. A free app called 'WIDI Plus' enables the WIDI BUD device to be customized, if required. The product is plug & play: no driver is required for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android or Chrome devices.

Pricing and Availability:
The US retail price of WIDI BUD is $69.00.

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