NAMM 2016: Earthquaker Devices Media Preview Day

We get a heads up from Earthquaker Devices      20/01/16
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So it's day -1, also known as Media Preview Day, a day where we get to see a tiny handful of companies showing their wares for only the media to see. First on my list of people to visit were Earthquaker Devices, these guys never disappoint and this year is no exception. Corey gave us the heads up on the new kit coming out from Earthquaker Devices in 2016, including the Avalanche Run (Digital Stereo Delay and Reverb) and SEVEN, count, SEVEN others.

1. Spires - dual fuzz
2. Grey Channel - dual OD
3. Acapulco Gold - cranked Sun Model T OD
4. Bellows - fuzz driver
5. Bows - Germanium booster
6. Night Wire - harmonic tremolo
7. Spatial Delivery - envelope filter

We'll swing by their booth and get a proper demo later on in the show.


Rob H

NAMM 2016 Kit:
Tascam DR-70D 4 Channel recorders

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