NAMM2016: Korg's New Wireless Nanos

nanoKEY Studio Mobile MIDI Keyboard and nanoKONTROL Studio Mobile MIDI Controller      16/01/16

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Korg tells us that their new nanoKONTROL and nanoKEY are light-weight and compact mobile MIDI controller and keyboard, respectively, that let you create music more intuitively than ever. They say that both are easy to travel with, allowing ease of use.

A spokesperson told us, "The nanoKONTROL Studio provides transport keys and a mixer section, giving you stress-free control of your DAW or DJ software. It is battery operated and can connect wirelessly with your iPhone/iPad or Mac/Windows. The nanoKEY Studio provides a keyboard, knobs, trigger pads, and touch pad that lets you instantly convert your inspiration into sound. It is battery operated and can connect wirelessly to iPhone/iPad or Mac/Windows."

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