Early Digital Reverb Emulated

PSP 2445 plug-in for Mac and Windows is inspired by the EMT 244 and 245      04/01/16

Early Digital Reverb Emulated

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PSP Audioware tells us that the PSP 2445 is a reverb processor plug-in for Mac and Windows inspired by two legendary early digital age reverberators: the EMT 244 and the EMT 245.

A spokesperson told us, "PSP thoroughly researched how to bring the specific features of those simple, yet very musical sounding reverbs to life as a plug-in. We then improved from the originals with a handy set of parameters to control details of the sound and mix the reverb not available in the original hardware. The PSP 2445 is capable of processing using one selected engine or both of them simultaneously."

Pricing and Availability:
$99 until January 9th ($129 afterwards)

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