Roland's New 500 Modules To Be Revealed... the Toronto Modular Synth Workshop, this Saturday      18/12/15

Roland's New 500 Modules To Be Revealed...

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Brock at 2Egress Sound & Design, tells us that they are very fortunate to have Roland Canada releasing their newest modules, the System-500 Series at the TOMS Workshop (Toronto Modular Synth Workshop) this Saturday the 16th at 4pm til 8pm.

The workshop is being held at 2Egress Sound & Designs shop located at 213 Sterling Road Suite 209 Toronto Canada.

They also have Eurorack performances lined up, as well as talks on sampling your Eurorack into Kontakt - The pitfalls and the victories. All are invited to attend.

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This, as always, is a free event.

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