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IRCAMAX 2 is a pack of Max for Live devices produced by the Parisian music research institute      15/12/15

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Ableton has announced the release of IRCAMAX 2, described as a set of creative tools from the forefront of music research. It is the second Pack of Max for Live devices produced by the renowned Parisian music research institute, IRCAM, which is said to operate "Where artistic sensibilities meet scientific and technological innovation."

Ableton says that IRCAM has used the expertise from decades of dedicated research and development to produce this collection of Max for Live devices. They tell us that, through real time audio analysis, their advanced physical modelling synthesis environment and other leading technologies, IRCAMAX 2 lets you manipulate, process and reinvent sounds in ways you wouldn't have imaginedpossible

A spokesperson told us, "Regardless of whether you speak the language of advanced sound manipulation – not everyone can talk psychoacoustics – you'll be impressed by this collection's potential for creative exploration. Its tools are built with the expertise gained from decades of dedicated research and development, but are presented within accessible, tweakable Max devices. Harmonizers, freezing effects, real time Audio-to-MIDI converters (among a host of other instruments and effects) invite you to separate, process and reinvent sounds in ways you wouldn't have imagined possible."

IRCAMAX 2 Effects:

  • IM-PsychHarmonizer: Vocal harmonizer allowing separation and manipulation of monophonic vocal sounds.
  • IM-Freezer: Freezing effect that lets you create sound textures by freezing, scrolling and stretching live or pre-recorded sounds.
  • IM-Ianalyzer: A real time polyphonic Audio to MIDI converter that lets you manipulate and resynthesise a signal's psychoacoustic properties – and capture and reuse the resulting data as MIDI.
  • IM-NoteTracker: A Real time Audio to MIDI converter that extracts a signal's estimated pitch and amplitude and converts them to MIDI note components.
  • IM-Chromax: A spectral delay that converts chords into harmonics models, whose set of consisting frequencies can be further transformed, and used to define delay, feedback and filter shapes.
  • IM-ModalysFilter: Uses the revered IRCAM Modalys engine to filter the signal with physical modelling processes.
  • IM-GrainDelay: A grain delay effect that can be synchronized to Live's tempo and used with the IRCAMAX MIDI Send/Receive device to receive MIDI notes that control transpositions of the grains.
  • IM-MultiFX: Four effects in one – delay, reverb, chorus and auto pan –  that can be used as a simple FX box tool for all your synths.
  • IM-Midi Send/Receive: Whether coming from a MIDI clip or the result of audio analysis of an audio track, these devices let you send and receive MIDI data between any IRCAMAX device within a Live Set.

IRCAMAX 2 Instruments:

  • IM-ModalysSynth: A polyphonic synthesizer based on IRCAMs flagship Modalys physical modeling engine – technology with over 20 years of research and refinement.
  • IM-MatrixSynth: A 3-oscillator, 3-envelope polyphonic synthesizer with a multimode filter and flexible modulation matrix.

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EUR 149

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