Future Sound Systems: P.O.C.A

US Finlay Shakespeare runs us through his new module      08/12/15

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You may well recognise Finlay from our feature at the Moog SoundLab back in the summer. But as well being the engineer of the SoundLab, Finlay also runs his own Eurorack modular company Future Sound Systems.

Future Sound Systems has a range of different products all hand built in the UK. Their FIL2 dual filter is one of the most brutal sounding filters on the market. It's even named the Abba - Merzbow continuum. Check below...

However in this video we shot last week Finlay was showing off the softer side of his modules. And more specifically talking about the new P.O.C.A module. Which is four Passive Optically-Controlled Attenuators, giving you four vactrol controlled gates that can function in low pass gate mode or vca mode.

Its only £70 and you can order directly from FutureSoundSystems.com

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