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Get an Ivory II-Italian Grand or Ivory II-American Concert D      26/11/15

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ILIO tells us that, when customers purchase Synthogy Ivory II-Grand Pianos or Ivory II-Upright Pianos from November 23, 2015 through January 4, 2016, they will receive their choice of either Ivory II-Italian Grand or Ivory II-American Concert D free of charge. To receive their free product, customers will complete an online or downloadable redemption form and submit it to ILIO along with their proof of purchase. The free Ivory II-Italian Grand or Ivory II-American Concert D will be delivered electronically via a download link sent to their email address.

To support this promotion, ILIO has released two new Ivory II videos (above). Host Michael Babbitt explores some of the features that ILIO says separate Ivory II from other virtual pianos, including half pedaling, timbre velocity interpolation, sympathetic string vibration, harmonic resonance modeling, lid position, pedal noise, release samples, EQ, timbre shifting, and the synth layer.

Synthogy's line of virtual pianos includes Ivory II-Grand Pianos, Ivory II-Upright Pianos, Ivory II-Italian Grand, and Ivory II-American Concert D. Here's a decription of each in their own words:


  • Ivory II-Grand Pianos features three concert grand pianos that offer a range of timbres and applications, including a German Steinway D, a Bosendorfer Imperial, and a Yamaha C7. It retails for $349. 

  • Ivory II-Upright Pianos is the only collection that offers four upright pianos for distinct musical applications, including a modern Yamaha U5, a vintage Hume upright, a "barroom" piano that was the centerpiece of the original "Cheers" bar in Boston, and a classic "tack" piano. It retails for $299.

  • Ivory II-Italian Grand features a well-known Italian concert grand that, at 10 feet, is among the longest concert grands in the world. It retails for $179.

  • Ivory II-American Concert D is a 20-velocity rendering of an American Steinway D. Steinway and Sons selected this particular piano for concert exhibition. It retails for $199.

In addition to the high-quality samples, Ivory II pianos feature Velocity Timbre Interpolation for smooth velocity transitions, modeled Sympathetic String Resonance, Half Pedaling, Pedal Noise, Lid Position, Timbre Shifting, Parametric EQ, Tuning Tables, several Synth Layers with Synth Layer Controls, a "Creaks and Clunks" layer for the uprights, lowest velocity "Silent Key", Una Corda Samples, Release Samples and more.

Synthogy is a Massachusetts-based audio software company founded by George Taylor and Joe Ierardi, former engineers of Kurzweil Music Systems. Together they bring decades of design experience in synthesizers, musical instruments, effects, and sound design to the field of Virtual Instruments.

Synthogy is distributed in North America by ILIO. ILIO is a distributor of top music software titles geared toward professional musicians, film composers, and producers. Their exclusive product line includes Spectrasonics (Omnisphere 2, Trilian, Stylus RMX), Vienna Symphonic Library, Synthogy (Ivory II virtual piano collections), Applied Acoustics Systems and Overloud. ILIO also develops sample libraries and patch libraries on various platforms.

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