Podcast: Sonic TALK 427 - Kick Drum Through A Squirrel

Diego Stocco, Convoultion, Collidoscope granular, bad synths      26/11/15

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78:58 mins


Diego Stocco - superstar sound designer
Robbie Bronnimann - producer, composer
Mark Tinley - sound artist and creative thinker

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About the Show
We're lucky to have Diego Stocco here whos new Rhythmic Convolutions 2 - a collection of 200 convolutions that use a variety of specially designed convolution impulses - including, yes a squirrel! We riff on the whole convolution thing then talk about Collidoscope - the large physical granular synth, the new Eurorack case from Roland, the Redsound Dark Star and other synths that for one reason or other didn't break through.



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Running Order(thanks to Marc The Darc)
5:34 - Collidoscope.
18:40 - Squirrel Impulse Responses.
40:37 - Sponsor/Contest.
42:45 - Roland Eurorack Case.
50:14 - Synthesizers "Falling Short" Of The Expected.


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