Podcast: Interview with Rachel Claudio

Superb Vocals, Expert Live Control      02/11/15

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40:41 mins

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Rachel Claudio is on fire right now, after the release of her track "If You Trip" and the Facebook video of her performing it hit 500k views in just 24hrs, things are good. We featured this live rendition of the track on Sonic TALK 419 where the panel we all in awe of her effortless operation of the multi-controller, Moog heavy Ableton Live based setup. All this while delivering a visceral, emotional vocal performance. How does she do that?

Fortunately for us, she agreed to talk to us about just that, on the eve of a tour with dates in Australia, Europe - she's just opened the Ableton Loop conference in Berlin this weekend (where they announced Push 2). And then the US for more gigs.

Rachel has been singing and performing since she learned piano as a child and has honed her skills through multiple collaborations in Paris with the Hip Hop community there (even a spot of rapping), various club tracks as guest vocalist and recently some covers she's posted performing solo, which I encourage you to check out.

Her setup is based around Ableton Live, Moog Sub Phatty, Prophet 12 and Push and Akai APC controllers. We had a chat about her approach to music creation, technique and how she can now shorten the creative cycle to be more in the now.

Her track If You Trip is available on iTunes now, you can find her videos via her website (linked to Facebook)




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