Hand-Held Tool Converts Motion To Sound

Motus is designed to let you play music by waving your hands      26/10/15

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Motus – Creative Motion Enhancer from TZM Creative Lab on Vimeo.

TZM Creative Lab has been in touch to tell us that they have just launched Motus, a musical tool that converts motion to sound, and have started a crowdfunding campaign. This is what they have to say about it...

Motus allows users to literally play music in the air. No keys, buttons or knobs. While holding Motus in hand, you can play the note and at the same time change its timbre by using different motion gestures.

Motus sounds like a drum, like a violin, like a shaker, like an old piano, like a guitar, like a harp, like a choir, like a French horn, like a light saber, like a baby crying, like all the world's birds, like love, like a trumpet, like 80's synthesizers from David Hasselhoff's songs. And many more.

Instead of defining single way to play Motus, we simply offer different interaction rules. While loading a different Motus instrument, you're redefining what it will be – shaker, air drums, violin or something else. Use each instrument just as you would in reality. You can choose instruments in the Coolgarden – our creative app store.

Motus is the hardware and the software. It tracks your motion, extracts the most important features of it (e.g. velocity, dynamics, displacement) and maps them to different sounds. These could be prerecorded audio material, real-time generated sounds or effects. Connect Motus device to an app in your computer or smartphone and enjoy music you create through headphones or sound system.

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