Furniture Makes Your Studio Sound Better

US Vicoustic JStand Acoustic Desks save space by including acoustic treatment      21/10/15

Furniture Makes Your Studio Sound Better

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Vicoustic has announced the JStand acoustic desks, the first products from their new line of acoustic furniture. This is what they have to say about them...

Acoustic Furniture represents an entirely new concept in premium studio desk design, aiming to provide the most efficient workplace for musicians and producers possible by complementing the acoustic performance of the recording studio. The JStand acoustic desks are designed by Jan Morel who is a leading expert in complete studio designs and known for always selecting the right gear and best acoustic treatment for his clients. The Jstand studio desks are manufactured by Vicoustic with guaranteed premium quality regarding the desks' bold design, sturdy built and acoustic performance. In a nutshell – Vicoustic provide furniture that actively caters for acoustic treatment in the desk itself, saving space and energy at the same time.

The JStand Acoustic Desk Series consists of three elements: The Wave Desk, the Wing Desk and the Wing Rack.  The Wing Rack is the optional add on solution for combining easy access to outboard gear with great design and acoustic functionality.

The Wing Desk's bold and futuristic design resembles the shape of an airplane wing, Wing Desk is an innovative and versatile work desk, the perfect solution for any kind of work relating to audio and post-production in general.

The Wing Desk

Wing Desk is built with high-quality MDF, presenting a thick glass workspace, guaranteeing a rigid and see-through surface to work on. Any length and number of cables can easily be hidden along the back of the Wing Desk, in a built-in cable runway, leaving the creative workspace as clean as possible. The upper stands position for the monitor speakers can be easily customised, making sure that the monitor speakers are placed in the correct place to achieve the stereo sweet spot at the perfect listening position.

The Wing Rack
The Wing Rack, a complement to the Wing Desk, is specially developed to accommodate outboard gear at the perfect height, making sure that any piece of rack equipment fits easily into the Wing Rack. This way any outboard gear can be reached comfortably and efficiently at all times. The Wing Rack offers extra space in the back panel to store all cables safely and easily hidden out of view. Wing Desk and Wing Rack are available in two different colors - black and white.

The Wave Desk – The Bass Trap in the furniture

With a workspace area of 1,50 square meters, The Wave Desk presents a minimal but sophisticated design, created to make sure that all the precious studio time is spent in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. Apart from its sturdy construction and built, WaveDesk also enhances the acoustic environment with built in bass trap functionality. The Bass Trap consists of Vicycle foam 120mm thick, filling both legs of the desk, and Vicycle* foam with 60mm of thickness filling the whole desk, guaranteeing that the bass waves especially at the work and listening position are well tamed and enhance the studio's acoustic performance. Wave Desk is available in black or white.

*Vicycle foam is a product obtained from the recycling processes of flexible polyurethane foams, and designed to solve the most complex acoustic problems, consisting of a porous cell structure with unique physical and mechanical characteristics.

About Vicoustic
Based in Portugal, Vicoustic is a manufacturer of high-quality, affordable acoustic products. The company's extensive portfolio includes a range of absorption and diffusion panels, bass traps, portable acoustic products and variable acoustic solutions. Vicoustic's three business divisions - Music & Broadcast, Hi-Fi & Home Cinema, and Building & Construction – service the needs of a growing international customer base that includes recording and broadcast studios, education establishments, hotels and restaurants, home cinemas and residential developments, factories and workplaces. Vicoustic products are distributed worldwide.

Pricing and Availability:
Wave Desk, Wing Desk and Wing Rack are available from November 2015 at dealers worldwide:

  • WAVE DESK: Euro 1449,- / USD 1648,75 / GBP 1082,54
  • WING DESK: Euro 1999,- / USD 2274,56 / GBP 1493,48
  • WING RACK: Euro 449,- / USD 510,90 / GBP 335,44


All prices excl. VAT and shipping, local variations in price may occur.

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