New Sounds For Korg Krome

Kid Nepro's V5 Killer Keyboards features 64 new programs      20/10/15

New Sounds For Korg Krome

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Kid Nepro's 5th release for Krome is now available. Korg Krome Volume #5 - Killer Keyboards is a mix of new keyboard sounds (64 New Programs).

Kid Nepro had this to say, "From our experience as programmers and keyboard players, we know one thing for sure - Keyboard Players always want more Keyboard sounds. The first thing we check out when we buy a new synth is the keyboard sounds. We are always searching for the perfect Rhodes, Wurli and Acoustic Piano patch.

The Patch King gets calls and e-mail from keyboard players all over the world who feel the same. So a few years ago we started producing complete sound libraries based on nothing but keyboard sounds. We call them "Killer Keyboards". Kid Nepro has produced several other Keyboard sound banks for instruments like the Roland JV80 & JV1000, Korg M3, 01W, X3, Triton and Trinity Series. So you know they have lot's of experience programming keyboard sounds.

Krome Killer Keyboards creates a powerful new sound library for musicians and has everything that will easily get you through your next live gig or recording session. There are several new Grand, Rhodes and Wurli Pianos, along with a great selection of B3 and Pipe Organs, Funky Clavinets and Harpsichords. We've also layered several keyboard sounds with Strings, Pads and Choirs to provide everything you need in one easy to load sound bank. All programs contain a mix of ARPS & Drum Patterns that you can jam along with."

Pricing and Availability:

Get all five Krome sound libraries at the discount price of $125.

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