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US Bob Moog Foundation 2016 Calendar features rare photos from the Van Koevering Archive      14/10/15

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The Bob Moog Foundation has released its 2016 calendar, Moog Is Now: The Moog Legacy Through the Lens of David Van Koevering. The calendar is based on historical photos and memorabilia tracing David Van Koevering's 45-year professional relationship with electronic music pioneer Bob Moog. The images and materials used in the calendar belong to the David Van Koevering Collection, part of the Bob Moog Foundation Archives.

Van Koevering is often cited as playing a pivotal role as the first to pioneer the sales of the iconic Minimoog synthesizer in the early 1970s, a time when the instrument was little known and poorly understood. His unusual and compelling sales techniques helped to popularize the instrument, which would eventually be regarded as the most iconic synthesizer in the world. Van Koevering would go on to become Vice President of Marketing for Moog Music in Williamsville, New York. He continued to collaborate with Bob Moog throughout the years, culminating in their work together on the Van Koevering Piano. David Van Koevering and Bob Moog remained friends until Moog passed away in August, 2005.

"It is an honor to see the professional history I shared with Bob highlighted by the Bob Moog Foundation," notes Van Koevering. "Bob was an inspiration to me, as he was to legions of people around the world, and his instruments inspired waves of creativity that are still rippling through the world of music today. It was a privilege to work so closely with a true pioneer in the world of electronic music, and to help popularize his revolutionary instruments."

The calendar can be purchased through the Foundation's online store. In addition to rare historical images, it features a narrative history compiled from interviews with Van Koevering, as well as noted dates in Moog history. The photos and vintage promotional materials featured in the calendar are sure to fascinate electronic music enthusiasts as well as historians.

"It was exceptional for Bob to have a collaborative, professional, and personal relationship that lasted for over four decades,"
observes Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation.  "We are thrilled to be sharing David's story through the fascinating archival material that he donated to our ever-growing archives."

Proceeds from the sales of the calendar will benefit the Bob Moog Foundation Archives and other historic preservation projects of the Bob Moog Foundation.


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