Abstract Data Octocontroller Patch Demo 4

US 6 channels of Pseudo random looping      13/10/15

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I have a confession to make, I have never much enjoyed fully random patches, where controlling or predicting what will happen is almost impossible.

That was until I played with the random sample and hold gates function of the Abstract Data Octocontroller.

Similar to the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine, the S and H gates function allows you to lock a section of the random gates to loop. Thus allowing you to make sudo random loops on the fly.

For this patch I decided to use the S and H gates function for all my clocking duties. The random gate outputs were used for triggering envelopes, triggering drum voices and clocking a sequencer.

I decided to start the patch with all the gates completely un-quantised and un-looping. This allowed me to demonstrate how then going through and quantising each output allows you to build up a cohesive patch from what seems like chaos...

This has been one of my favourite patches to create for this Abstract Data Octocontroller series. And the pseudo random looping function on this module is so much fun to play with.


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