Presentation: Modal 008 Poly Pads

US Some delightful sounds      12/10/15
    MP4 16:11 mins    

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As Modal Electronics are literally just down the road from us, well in Bristol, we wanted to get another chance to hear more of the 008 - a sentiment echoed by your comments from the previous piece we did with designers Paul Maddox and George Hearn.

So we had Paul join us again to look a little closer at the sounds the 008 could produce. For those of you unaware of the new analog engined Modal Electronics 008, its a fully discrete electronics analog poly synth with VCOs, VFC and VCA. it shares the same core OS as the 002 (12 voice digital hybrid) and the 001 (a duo-phonic 002). It also has a unique 15 mode multimode analog filter with a huge array of tonal variations - we look at that in a little more depth too.

The UK based manufacturer have had a an accelerated growth since they first started production of the 12 voice 002, currently they have four products shipping. All this has been achieved in a relatively short amount of time.

The 008 is available now. Priced at £3495/€4975/$5495 + local taxes

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