New Mic Pre With a Vintage Vibe

Black Lion Audio releases the Auteur MkII Mic Pre      07/10/15

New Mic Pre With a Vintage Vibe

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Black Lion Audio has announced the release of the Auteur MkII Mic Pre, which they describe as a two-channel preamp that features high-speed input stages that capture lots of detail and nuance, as well as transformer-coupled output stages that impart a nice touch of vintage vibe.  It also features phantom power, phase, and a 10dB pad. It's housed in a 1U, half-rack chassis, and can be linked together with a second half-rack unit by using the included connector plate.

Nate Bierdeman, CEO of Black Lion Audio, told us, "The Auteur has been a staple preamp in studios around the world for many years.  It has become the go-to choice for bridging the gap between clean, transparent preamps and those with lots of color and bite.  The Auteur MkII is the next step in perfecting this combination of vintage and modern sound at an affordable price!  The Auteur MkII has a revamped gain stage that results in higher gain, lower noise, lower distortion, and a more extended frequency response than the original design. The primary changes to the design included upgrading the power supply filtration/regulation, revamping the gain stages, and increasing the overall build quality. These changes result in lower noise, lower distortion, higher gain, an extended frequency response, and a more durable construction."

Auteur MkII Mic Pre Features:
• Dual Channel
• Ultra High-Speed Input Stages
• Edcor Output Transformers
• 65dB Gain
• Extended Frequency Response
• Low Distortion & Noise
• Phantom Power
• Phase Switch
• 10dBu Pad
• XLR Microphone Input
• TRS Line Output (balanced)

Pricing and Availability:
The Auteur MkII Mic Pre is now available at dealers worldwide for MAP $649.00

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