Maroon 5 Mess With Their MASCHINE

US Native Instruments releases a video showcasing the band's creative workflow      29/09/15

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Native Instruments has posted a short video on Maroon 5 – the internationally-recognized pop band from Los Angeles, USA - which provides an intimate look at how the band shape their ideas with NI's MASCHINE.

A spokesperson explained, "In the video, Native Instruments accompanies international superstars Maroon 5 to famed Conway Studios in Hollywood to learn how MASCHINE helps them craft their unique brand of chart-topping, jazz-infused pop. Maroon 5 guitarist and songwriter James Valentine explains how the powerful MASCHINE feature set – including chord sets, scale mapping, and an advanced arpeggiator, drag and drop audio, and creative sidechaining – helped him lay down the foundation to the band's song, Fortune Teller in the studio's waiting room. Later, producer Noah Passavoy used MASCHINE's Drag and Drop Audio feature to quickly bring James's initial idea into his own production setup for further recording, editing, and mixing. Maroon 5 bassist Sam Farrar explains how he uses MASCHINE on stage to sample and trigger audio in real time. The video shows how MASCHINE fits into any stage of the music-making process and provides another example of how tracks that start in MASCHINE end up at the top of the international charts."

Running parallel to the video is a competition to win a MASCHINE STUDIO and 10 MASCHINE Expansions – a comprehensive music production toolkit. MASCHINE STUDIO is the flagship groove production studio and the 10 Expansions included in the competition are LONE FOREST, AMPLIFIED FUNK, GOLDEN KINGDOM, ARCANE ATTIC, LUCID MISSION, CARIBBEAN CURRENT, NEON DRIVE, MAGNATE HUSTLE, CONANT GARDENS, and RAW VOLTAGE. These MASCHINE Expansions deliver sound for any style of music – from atmospheric, abstract hip hop to hyper-stylized mainstream pop. Those wishing to enter the prize draw for a MASCHINE STUDIO and 10 MASCHINE Expansions can do so here.   

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