U-he Diva vs OB-8 Poly - Take The Test

Swan Audio Diva presets based on classic OB-8 voices      24/09/15

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Swan Audio are lucky enough to own an original Oberheim OB-8 - in their words one of the "true analog polysynth classics".

They have been working on "Classic OB" a set of 80 presets U-he DIVA - a software synthesizer renowned for its power and authenticity. The preset pack comes with a set of three GUI skin variations to give it an OB flavour.

Steve from Swan Audio decided to put his presets to the test and to micro tweak them to get them as close as possible to the original OB-8. It took some time, but the results are surprising. He decided to put some time into creating this comparison test.

Its hard, much harder than we thought. We're not going to post the results here, you can find them on the Swanaudio.co.uk website.

If you want to grab the presets for DIVA, you can do via the Swan Audio website (link at bottom of page)

Here's the preset demo video too

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