Synth Works: Inside The Make Noise Factory

US Tony Rolando and the gang at work      23/09/15

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Make Noise Music headed by Tony Rolando and Kelly Kelbel, were one of the first more experimental  based Eurorack manufacturers to push the boundaries of synthesis. After teaching himself about electronics, Tony started out working at Moog Music, before setting out with Make Noise.

With forrays into touch control, following in the footsteps of Buchla systems, their Black and Gold Shared System has found its way into the hands of pioneering synthesists Richard Devine and Allessandro Cortini and formed the basis of recordings made for their Make Noise Record Records releases.

Assembly station with Mike

lee and Mike

In these photos Mike and Lee start the life of a Make Noise module. The first step in the production line takes the populated boards for the modules which are built in either Atlanta, GA. or Los Angeles, CA. and mates them with metal faceplates fabricated in Cincinnati, Ohio and rubberized control knobs that are manufactured outside Chicago, Illinois. If there is firmware required it will often be installed at this station along with any other hardware such as screws, nuts and spacers. Conversation is always lively at this station!

Lee quality control
Walker quality control
These photos show Lee and our Production Manager Walker operating the Quality Control and Calibration stations. This is the second and most important stage in the production of a Make Noise module. At this station every function of every module is tested for compliance with our standards. We rotate every control knob, patch into every jack, press every button, gaze into every LED and touch every touch plate with great vigilance seeking out mis-behaved electrical and mechanical elements.


Modules that meet all our demands are placed a top the BLUE CART and sail forth to the packaging station. Modules that do not meet our standards are placed on the bottom of the RED CART, taking the long road to the re-work station.


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