Wanna See What Reaktor 6 Can Do With Your Modular?

Reactor drives the eurorack train with the help of Expert Sleepers      16/09/15

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Reaktor Blocks Love Eurorack from listentoaheartbeat on Vimeo.

In this video we see what some of the new Reaktor 6 Blocks modules can do when combined with your Eurorack modular synth.

The patch consists of several Bento Box 8 Steps sequencers controlling an Eurorack synth. All sequencing and modulation is coming from Reaktor Blocks, except for a littble bit of human interaction.

Maschine also gets in on the action with bass drum, hi-hats, and rim shot. Echo and reverb added in Ableton Live.

The interface between the modular and Reaktor is the Expert Sleepers ES-3 module which we reviewed way back as one of the first eurorack videos we did!

Patch Notes:
  • In Reaktor, five Bento Box 8 Steps sequencers send their pitch, gate, and velocity signals out to the Eurorack synth via the ES-3, and additionally disturb each other in interesting ways by cross-modulation of the the global sequencer parameters (DIRECTION, STEPS, OFFSET).
  • The sequencers are clocked and reset from three Util Note In Blocks (we didn't have the clock divider ready when I shot this video).
  • A Bento Box Env is providing additional modulation via the ES-3.
  • Voice 1: e350 going into an Optodist and a Toppobrillo Multifilter, with some broken echo added by a Phonogene. Pitch and wavetable position controlled by 8 Steps sequencers. The Bento Box Env is controlling the Gain on the Optodist.
  • Voice 2: Res-4 pinged directly from 8 Steps sequencer (its variable gate length is handy for this). Pitch and glide are provided by another sequencer.
  • Voice 3: Cyclebox II in mode 0000, going into two chained channels on the QMMG, struck by an 8 Steps sequencer (again, its variable gate length comes in handy). Pitch and IFM index controlled by 8 Steps sequencers.

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