Wooden Blocks Synth Concept - Brix Modular

Lego inspired      03/09/15

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For many Lego was the first foray into making and inventing stuff as a kid, some people just never let that go. Swedish desginer "and crafstman" Love Hulten - has taken it into the world of synths with his Brix System. Based on the design of the classic 1979-87 Legoland Space theme bricks, there are several which are 20x20cm in size and feature unusual sonic qualities, with the pegs on the top working as controls.

Perhaps not the most immediately user friendly instruments, but lovely looking things. We are guessing there's something along the lines of Arduino or Raspberry Pi inside for the sound generation - but we could be wrong.

Perhaps more of a desirable object, than a useful studio tool eh?


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